Tutorials Summary

Welcome to our collection of tutorials that will guide you through the usage of the SSCHA code. Each tutorial covers different aspects of the code and its capabilities. Follow the links below to jump to each tutorial section:

  1. Tutorial 01 - First Simulations
  2. Tutorial 02 - Working with clusters
  3. Tutorial 03 - Second-Order Phase Transitions
  4. Tutorial 04 - Spectral functions and X-Ray scattering
  5. Tutorial 05 - Raman & IR Spectroscopy
  6. Tutorial 06 - Combining SSCHA and Machine-Learning Iteratomic Potentials
  7. Tutorial 07 - Electron-Phonon and Superconductivity
  8. Tutorial 09 - Thermal transport in the strong anharmonic regime

Each tutorial includes also a recorded video of the hands-on session held during the SSCHA school 2023.

Additionally, we provide extra tutorials as Jupyter notebooks

Jupyter Notebooks